I have had the privilege of recording some great artists over the past 10 years in my studio. I've made many friends and I'm proud of the family of "Guilty Dog" clients that have passed through my doors. As you will hear from the samples in the "Songs" section of this site (last four songs), I have worked on many different kinds of projects. There have been singer/songwriters with a full band as well as situations where one guy shows up with a guitar and a voice and leaves with a full radio ready production. If you need me to play bass, drums, guitar, piano or sing harmonies, I will be happy to do so. If you need me to shut up and capture the original sound of your band, I will be equally happy to do so. If you are interested in recording here, please check out the samples.
Here is a list of the bands featured on the samples:


1. Feels Like July
2. Junction 18 (This Vicious Cycle)
3. Juction 18 (Acoustic Split)
4. God Fearing Man
5. A Loss For Words
6. Crash Midnight
7. Charlie Freak
8. Lost Cause
9. The Glow
10. 12 Cent
11. Jack's Smirking Revenge


1. Mike Garvey
2. James MCkenna
3. Tom Rudd
4. Planet Envy
5. Joe Merrick
6. Steve Powers
7. Jim Melody
8. Bob Phillips
9. Bizness
10. Greg 2E


1. Attacking Frequencies
2. Greg Dean
3. Sunset Is A Battle
4. Joe Merrick



1. Don Houge
2. Felix Brown
3. Bang Tail Cats
4. Bald Walter
5. Tracey MacLean



Quotes from my guest book;

"I thought that being at Guilty Dog Studio and working with Joe was an amazing experience. It was lots of fun and I can't wait to do some more"
-Derek from Weekend Tragedy

"Joe- We are nearly into our fourth year as a band and our third year in the studio, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We've grown and matured since the beginning and you've helped us out immensely as musicians and more importantly, as people".
-Feels Like July

"... of studios there are really only three that matter.
Abbey Road in London, Sun Studios in Memphis and Guilty Dog in Hanson.
Thanks for building a place for us to hide out and indulge our guilty pleasures"
-Bob Phillips

"Great sounding equipment and engineering. We enjoyed the time we spent recording here and we appreciate your efforts in making us not sound like shit"
-Homesick abortion

"Joe, thanks for adding your magic touches to my songs. You helped me take some lyrics that I've always wanted to record and turned them into something I will enjoy and treasure forever. This was an awesome experience"
-Scott Leiffer

"Joe, you do great work and you are always a pleasure to work with. The recordings we have done with you have blown everything else we have done away. The video of the "Grinch" was awsome and we love "Rollercoaster Road"
-Sean from Lame Exuse

"Thanks Joe, I could have never have done it without your help. You have a great deal of knowledge and experience in what you do -putting everything in the right place, arranging, a feel for the songs....not to mention all the singing and playing you did for me".
-Lou Nardella From Bizness

"Thanks for the all your help today-you are truly gifted and as of today, you have a new fan. My first studio experience was painless"
-Andrea Macvarish

"Thanks for your input. You made this father/son project go smoothly".

"Thanks Joe, your patience and professional ear made our recording wicked pissah!"
-Radio For The Blind

"Joe Merrick is guilty of making a big bang for the buck-expect nothing less from this wizard of a talent at the mixing board"
-Tom Donovan From Breaking Point

"Joe you are a master of your craft. You made me feel comfortable for the first professional recording session".
-Dave D

"Joe, I was so nervous and you made it awsome. Thank you so much for helping me with all my harmonies and for being patient and nice. Hope to work with you in the future"
-Dianna C. Faria From Breaking point

"The sounds on the CD are fantastic"
-Kyle Dexter

"Righteous job making two guys sound pretty rad. We will surely be back to work more and we're psyched about it"
-Scott from Fugue State

"Joe , your suggestions, hard work, focus and encouragement were much appreciated. Thanks for the mixing magic"
-Aaron C

"Joe, thanks for helping me walk my road. Listen to your heart and it will take you to the truth. I listened to mine and it told me to come to your studio and do the best recordings I've ever done"
-Steve Powers